What is the Meaning of Life?

This is the question for the ages. Whats the point to life? How is one to really know the answer to the query- “what is the meaning of life?”. It is a debate that has occupied the minds of philosophers throughout the centuries. No one can seem to agree, and this is the only thing that we can really be sure of.


If there were to get to a point and time where everyone agreed, it might be because another dimension is revealed to us as humans. If we were to know how it all began, then it would be easier. After all, no one was there at the beginning of time, or so it seems. Even if there was a creation moment, it does not seem that people had writing utensils and language mastered at the time. Everything was passed on through oral tradition.


Evolutionary theories offer no answer to the question of what is the meaning of life. People could all be spared the debate if humans’ minds evolved in a similar fashion. Then, at a certain point, we might all have a collective consciousness as Kant discussed in his philosophy. If there was this joined sense of knowing with certainty how life began, then it could be a starting point for the great search for meaning, collectively and individually.


However, it might not be a question that people can ever answer together. People have tried to say things like unity is the meaning. This has only led to genocide and more division among the population. It has led to dictators who only take to live on the high horse but do not give. The world has had selfless leaders, but even they might admit that they truly struggle. They might lead but that does not give them access to the knowledge of purpose. They simply have the goal to keep the country safe and bound by principles of peace.


Making people believe in what you believe is the meaning of life is a seemingly futile endeavor. They might try to persuade, but there has to be a heart-mind connection for the other person to fully engage their will in trying to see the world a different way. People are fairly set in their perceptions. And they tend to congregate around like-minded individuals who will confirm their preset biases. So a person who makes a brilliant case of ethos, pathos, and logos might still just be left with a flowery speech. A believer will only be met in person who feels these things on the deepest level of their being and accepts them.


For the person searching, then it is the best advice to leave no stone not turned in this journey. You will find some reward along the way as well as temptations to settle for lesser answers. Some people never quite get to the meaning in life. It is elusive to them because they are constantly distracted instead by the demands of the day. However, it is certain that it weighs heavily on the consciousness and even conscience of a person to attempt to discover a solution to searching.